Vanilla Honey & Black Soap Body Bar

Our All-Natural Soaps are carefully formulated using organic soap base combinations which includes but are not limited to goat milk, shea butter, aloe, and coco butter. Soaps also include essential oils and all-natural fragrance oils, dried flowers or other natural exfoliates.  In creating our soaps, we do not use parabens (preservatives of any kind) or any known cancer-causing ingredients such as triclosan.  Our soaps are created to meet the skin care needs of our customers. Our aim is to create soaps that not only smell good but are also good for your skin, leaves you feeling clean, and your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and refreshed.


Vanilla Honey & Black Soap Body Bar



Ingredients: Organic Glycerin Soap Base, Goat Milk, Raw Unrefined Honey, Black Soap, Vanilla Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

Uses: Often used to help smooth, sooth and repair damaged skin due to eczema (severe dry skin) and black spots.


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